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Tour guide Margarita Lopatina
My name is Margarita Lopatina and I am a highly experienced and fully licensed private tour guide. I have been showing international visitors the wonders of Kiev for close to five years.
My education and prior work experience have provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to give informative and interesting tours. I have a specialist degree in Tourist discipline and getting post diploma education in Art history at the Kiev National academy of architecture and arts.
I am fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian.
As well I specialize in archival research and provide genealogical tours searching for the people family roots and assisting to create genealogy.
Quintessential Kiev
Ancient Kiev
Holy Kiev
Soviet Kiev
Jewish Kiev
Mystic Kiev
Aristocratic Kiev
Kiev Parks
Segway tour
Military tour
Pirogovo-scan scene museum of folk architecture and life style
Kiev Nightlife

Any tours can be customized according to personal needs and preferences. Cost of the walking tours are 20 USD/Hour, driving tours 35-40 USD/hour (depends on the car)

Контакты / Contacts: +380636582002,