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Hello, everyone and welcome to the undiscovered land of Podillya. It's commonly believed that all the jewels are located elsewhere, in Kyiv, Odesa or Lviv. Still the small cities should be also taken into account as the brightest sparks of cultural life, greates biographies and even key historical event have always happened in the unfairly forgotten province. For example, Kamyanets-Podilskyi has always been a home for the greater part of Armenian comunity in Ukraine. A home-town of the world-famous '"Carol of the bells". The city has the second oldest diocese in Ukraine. Its fortress has been taken over only once in its life with the effort of 170.000 Turkish soldiers. Chernivtsi has blossomed as a city during the time of the Austrian Empire, which turned a tiny place into a local capital. Nowadays the city is called a Little Vienna. Cosy cafes will whisper their tunes and the buildings will unveil the stories of dawns and falls. The local University is a real archetectural wonder and a jem in the UNESCO World Heritage since 2011 will inspire you with their beauty and charm. Ternopil is the city which sprang out of ruin immediately after the WW II and is still an attraction for an attentive tourist with its cathedrals and castles, embraced by a huge artificial lake, created in 1540 by the city founder Yan of Tarnov. Authentic cafes will underline the emression of the city to make you desire to come back once again for a long ride trough Ukraine's best places, which sometimes are not described in the Lonely Planet)
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Walking tours in Kamyanets-Podilskyi - the city (best churches: the Peter's and Paul's Cathedral, Maria on the minaret, the Dominican church, Nikolas’ orthodox church, the only wooden church, and some other Armenian, Polish and Ukrainian buildings) and the Old Fortress with other military buildings.
Tours to the Khotin Fortress on the Dniester-river.
Tours to the Bakota cave monastery on the Dniester-river.
Tours to the caves in Ternopil region.
Tours to Chernivtsi (the University – the residence of the bishops, the Armenian and Rome-catholic churches, the Romanian and Ukrainian orthodox churches, the Austrian and German buildings, the Turkish and Jewish parts, the few squares and parks etc.).
Tours to the Carpathian Mountains.
Thematic routes:
The Jews in Podillya and Bukovina (Uman, Vinnytsya, Medzhybizh, Kamyanets, Khotin, Okopy, Chernivtsi) – 2-3 days tours.
The Armenian community in Podillya and Bukovina (Kamyanets, Zhvanets, Chernivtsi) – 1-2 days tours.
The Turks in Podillya and Bukovina (Kamyanets, Khotin, Okopy, Chernivtsi) – 1-2 days tours.
The Poles in Podillya and Bukovina (Uman, Vinnytsya, Medzhybizh, Kamyanets, Khotin, Okopy, Chernivtsi) – 2-3 days tours.

Tourist guide: Halyna Vytrykush, born in 1983, high philological education, the member of the World Federation Tourist Guide Associations, speaks English, German, Polish, Russian.

After the order we provide service of a guide-transferman and a guide-interpreter – from 50 € per 1 day.
Supporting and accompanying of groups in Ukraine, assistance in organizing tours, lodging, food, etc.
On request, we create any tour over Ukraine.
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Wonder around the mysterious city that is called the jewel of Europe and you will never regret and this unforgettable experience will be engraved in your memory forever. My desire is to share the flame of my love to Lviv with every tourist. You will love the city as well as I do. My job is to create the exciting vacations with a lot of impressions.
Spend your weekends in Lviv: sightseeing escorts, transfers, sightseeing transportation, accommodation, meals, booking restaurants and tickets to the opera and theaters, photo services, themed and individual tours with a personal approach to your requirements.
I conduct unique city tours: 1) Chocolate and coffee tour with a flavor of romance, 2) Seven wonders of the city, 3) First date with Lviv, 4) Lviv on the palm, 5) Charming courtyards of unknown city, 7) Mystical and mysterious Lviv
Classic tours: 1) Prince's court, 2) Medieval Lviv, 3) Austrian Lviv, 4) car trips, 5) Dungeons and museums of Lviv, 6) Lychakiv cemetery, 7) Shevchenko Hai - Skansen(Open-air museum of Folk Architecture)
Themed tours: 1) Polish inheritance in Lviv, 2) Jewish legacy in Lviv 3) Armenian legacy in Lviv 4) Legends of the ancient city, 5) Photo Tour at the Opera House, 6) The history of Lviv beer 7) The Golden Horseshoe- the tour around the 5 ancient castles
Out of town tours: 1) Royal Rendezvous in castles, 2) Pochaivska Lavra, 3) Royal City of Zhovkva and Krehiv Lavra, 4) Musketeers Castles and Univ Lavra, 5) Resorts of Truskavets 6) Romantic Mukachevo 7) Thermal lakes of Transcarpathia
Tours are conducted in the following languages:Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew
Welcome to an unforgettable and unique Lviv.
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Friendly, Attentive and Hospitable Lviv Guides!
Hire our Lviv private guide and truly enjoy city tours, tailored to your specific requirements. Experience the unique culture of Ukraine and explore the most beautiful Lviv sights as a guest. Your city tour will be personalized and it's an amazing and unforgettable chance You can't miss. Our guides help to plan the sightseeing as we offer professional & certified Lviv Ukraine guides.
As a qualified travel company, we have recruited and possessed a big group of excellent guides and interpreters most of whom graduated from high class travel colleges and universities. All guides we offer to you are professional and considerate and work with licenses. Fluently English, Polish, German, French, Italian speaking and enthusiastically guide serving, all of them have passed the strict license examinations to have the tour guide certificate. Besides attractions’ introduction, our guides offer pick-up and shopping accompanying service. Your guide serves only for you or your group during the trip. Except the introduction work, the guide is also responsible for the arrangement job, including hotel confirmation, food confirmation and ticket booking and so on. If you have any special query such as vegetarian, or shopping, inform the guide. He or she will try best to adjust the schedule to satisfy you.
Interpreting service is also offered for business travel customers.
The guide service fee is EUR 15 per hour or EUR 100 per day. With our guides’ assistance, we ensure that your trip will be more convenient and would not encounter the embarrassing episode caused by the Ukrainian language barrier.
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Hi!My name is Maryana, I am professional guide in Lviv city. I am working with foreigners also as a personal translator.
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My name is Roman. I am conducting walking tours and tours on a private minivan around Lviv region and West Ukraine. I speak fluently in four languages. Depending on seasons i am conducting ski and bike tours.
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I am conducting private walking tours and tours on a private minivan around Lviv region and West Ukraine on a private minivan. I speak fluently in four languages.
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Tours to Lviv, Carpathian mountains and Western Ukraine.
Meeting at the airport/ railway station.
Organization of Your rest.
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Hi! My name is Ostap Ditchuk. I am a lisenced guide who spent 6 and a half years living in the United Kingdom. I can offer excursions in/around Lviv and Western Ukraine, transfer you from railway station / airport to your place of stay in Lviv and to your ancestors bithplace with my own car (Ford Mondeo), arrange business meetings and so on. Do not hesitate to contact me!
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I am a private licensed guide with more than 20 years experience.  
Pay special attention to political and military history, architecture and art, ethnic communities of Lviv and Galicia. (do my job easily and with humour :) ) 
Tours across Lviv city (walking): "Old city" (3 hours), "Ukrainian Lviv" (4 hours), "Lviv in Austrian Empire" (3 hours), "Jewish heritage of Lviv" (4 hours), "Lychakiv cemetery" (2 hours), "Lviv fortifications" (3 hours), "Armenians in Lviv" (2 hours). 
Tours across Lviv oblast: "Lviv castles" (7 hours), "Old Zhovkva" (6 hours), "Brilliant Pochaiv Monastery" (7 hours). 
Battlefield tours across Lviv oblast: "Galician battle of 1914" (8 hours), "Brody pocket of 1944" (7 hours). Ethnic roots (genealogy) tours across Galicia.

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