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Licensed tour guide and interpreter in Kamyanets and Chernivtsi
Hello, everyone and welcome to the undiscovered land of Podillya. It's commonly believed that all the jewels are located elsewhere, in Kyiv, Odesa or Lviv. Still the small cities should be also taken into account as the brightest sparks of cultural life, greates biographies and even key historical event have always happened in the unfairly forgotten province. For example, Kamyanets-Podilskyi has always been a home for the greater part of Armenian comunity in Ukraine. A home-town of the world-famous '"Carol of the bells". The city has the second oldest diocese in Ukraine. Its fortress has been taken over only once in its life with the effort of 170.000 Turkish soldiers. Chernivtsi has blossomed as a city during the time of the Austrian Empire, which turned a tiny place into a local capital. Nowadays the city is called a Little Vienna. Cosy cafes will whisper their tunes and the buildings will unveil the stories of dawns and falls. The local University is a real archetectural wonder and a jem in the UNESCO World Heritage since 2011 will inspire you with their beauty and charm. Ternopil is the city which sprang out of ruin immediately after the WW II and is still an attraction for an attentive tourist with its cathedrals and castles, embraced by a huge artificial lake, created in 1540 by the city founder Yan of Tarnov. Authentic cafes will underline the emression of the city to make you desire to come back once again for a long ride trough Ukraine's best places, which sometimes are not described in the Lonely Planet)

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