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Yourprivateguide around wonderful Lviv and Galicia
Wonder around the mysterious city that is called the jewel of Europe and you will never regret and this unforgettable experience will be engraved in your memory forever. My desire is to share the flame of my love to Lviv with every tourist. You will love the city as well as I do. My job is to create the exciting vacations with a lot of impressions.
Spend your weekends in Lviv: sightseeing escorts, transfers, sightseeing transportation, accommodation, meals, booking restaurants and tickets to the opera and theaters, photo services, themed and individual tours with a personal approach to your requirements.
I conduct unique city tours: 1) Chocolate and coffee tour with a flavor of romance, 2) Seven wonders of the city, 3) First date with Lviv, 4) Lviv on the palm, 5) Charming courtyards of unknown city, 7) Mystical and mysterious Lviv
Classic tours: 1) Prince's court, 2) Medieval Lviv, 3) Austrian Lviv, 4) car trips, 5) Dungeons and museums of Lviv, 6) Lychakiv cemetery, 7) Shevchenko Hai - Skansen(Open-air museum of Folk Architecture)
Themed tours: 1) Polish inheritance in Lviv, 2) Jewish legacy in Lviv 3) Armenian legacy in Lviv 4) Legends of the ancient city, 5) Photo Tour at the Opera House, 6) The history of Lviv beer 7) The Golden Horseshoe- the tour around the 5 ancient castles
Out of town tours: 1) Royal Rendezvous in castles, 2) Pochaivska Lavra, 3) Royal City of Zhovkva and Krehiv Lavra, 4) Musketeers Castles and Univ Lavra, 5) Resorts of Truskavets 6) Romantic Mukachevo 7) Thermal lakes of Transcarpathia
Tours are conducted in the following languages:Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew
Welcome to an unforgettable and unique Lviv.

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