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Excursion about Artyomovsk Winery (with tasting)

We propose you to visit the biggest Eastern European enterprise producing sparkling wine in a traditional bottle technology. Champagne – an obstinate and disobedient beverage – is known to have been created in France. Connoisseurs assert that the aroma of the classical Champagne is elusively like the tender smell of yellow fur chrysanthemums. There is nothing like the taste of Artyomovsk Champagne! During this excursion you will have the possibility to taste this wonderful beverage. Besides, the experienced guides will tell you no one legend concerning the creation and stocking of sparkling wine.


A group gathers at the front door of Saint-Transfiguration Cathedral. The landmark is the Ukraine Hotel. Departure is from Donetsk.

Trip reportage during the tour. Arrival to Artemovsk.

Review excursion about the area of Artyomovsk Winery Plant. On walking about the gypseous adits you will go down to the depth of 72 metres, see the whole cycle of champagne production, hear touching and tragic story about the emergency of "Wailing Wall” in the area of the plant.

Tasting of sparkling wine (5-7 types).

Price 85 UAH, ~11 USD, ~7 EUR
Company: Opendonetsk
+38 (050) 478-78-97
+38 (062) 304-44-53

Компания/гид: Opendonetsk
Цена: 85 UAH, ~11 USD, ~7 EUR
Контакты: +38 (050) 478-78-97 +38 (062) 304-44-53