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Excursion about Svyatogorye

Svyatogorye is a unique wonderful piece of nature which is situated in the North of Donetsk region. It’s a city with revived spirituality, unique monuments and charming nature. An ancient monastic abode – Svyatogorskaya Svyato-Uspenskaya Lavra is situated on the picturesque bank of the Severskiy Donets River, on chalk hills, covered by the dense forest. The first notes about Svyatogorskiy Monastery appeared in chronicles in the XVIth century.

Nowadays a unique architectural reserve is created in Svyatogorsk. It includes 40 buildings and constructions, 29 of them are the monuments of history, culture and architecture. The masterpiece of Ukrainian folk architecture – Nickolaevskaya church situated on the chalk rock, nearly 1 000 metres of labyrinths – entrances inside the chalk rock which have been famous since the beginning of the XVIth century as well as Svyatogorskiy Male Monastery are preserved here.

During hundreds of years this place has been attracting people by its picturesque natural landscapes and exceptional treating-climatic conditions. Everything in this place contributes to clearness and openness, to the treatment of a body and soul.


A group gathers at the front door of Saint-Transfiguration Cathedral. The landmark is the Ukraine Hotel. Departure is from Donetsk.

Trip reportage during the tour. Arrival to Svyatogorsk.

Review excursion about the territory of Svyatogorskaya Svyato-Uspenskaya Lavra. Visiting Uspenskiy Cathedral (it considered to be the most monumental cathedral building which harmoniously combines elements of Russian and Byzantine architectural styles).You will be acquainted with Guest House of the middle of the XIXth century – it includes rooms for pilgrims, refectory, museum, Saint Kiril’s and Mephodiy’s outbuildings, chapel.

You will have a chance to attend the church shop and buy souvenirs. If you wish to taste Lenten Meals, you can join the monk’s breakfast in the refectory.

Free time for lunch.

Excursion to the first tier of Svyatogorskiy complex.

Acquaintance with the sights of the National Natural Park "Svyatye Gory”: the monument to Artem, Kamishev’s oak, the Memorial of the Great Patriotic War, Skeet of Russian All Saints.

Price 55 UAH, ~7 USD, ~5 EUR
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