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Фасад1 Фасад1 Дворец Потоцких

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Along the main street of Ukraine

Kreschatik is one of the most known central streets of the world. The center of commercial, political and cultural life of Kiev has been bustling here for two centuries. Kreschatik is famous as the site of the first Kiev telephone, telegraph, electric tram, plumbing and sewage system, gas and electric illumination. And finally the first Kievan sky-scraper was constructed on Kreschatik too. Here Kievans listened to Beethoven’s music. The exhibition of the Russian artists called peredvizhniki was organized there. Peredvizhniki, often called The Wanderers or The Itinerants in English, were a group of Russian realist artists who in protest at academic restrictions formed their artists' cooperative which was evolved into the Society for Traveling Art Exhibitions in 1870. Shevchenko, Schepkin, Chaikovsky, Shalyapin, Mayakovsky and Mandelshtam had always their walk along Kreschatik every time they visited Kiev.

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