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Love Stories born in Kyiv

The history of St. Flor’s convent is connected with one of the richest women of Russian Empire Natalia Dolgorukova who spent many years at the convent. Having abandoned palaces and glory for the sake of her husband she endured all severities of an exile and after his death she retreated to the holy Kyiv land.
And in our days native Kievans and visitors of Kiev cannot help falling in love. That wonderful and bright thing called love rules in our city. If you would like to be quite sure about it you are to visit the "Bridge of Love" connecting the romantic parks in the park zone over the Dnieper River.

Компания/гид: Prime Excursion Bureau
Цена: on request
Контакты: 30/39 Schekavytska street, suit4, Kyiv city, Podil, Ukraine 04071