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Фасад1 Фасад1 Дворец Потоцких

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The National Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle of Ukraine

During your visit to the museum you will see the most ancient Ukrainian peasant's hut of 1587 (!), the most ancient wooden church of Ukraine and the hills with traditional wind mills. No doubt you will enjoy your complete immersion in the atmosphere of national mode of life and folk-lore of Ukraine.

Theatrical shows and folk crafts fairs are very popular in this unique museum. Collection of folk clothes, utensils for every day life and icons from all regions of Ukraine is the integral part of the museum display.

Many folk and national holidays are celebrated in the museum every year.

Компания/гид: Prime Excursion Bureau
Цена: on request
Контакты: 30/39 Schekavytska street, suit4, Kyiv city, Podil, Ukraine 04071