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Фасад1 Фасад1 Дворец Потоцких

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Khotyn Fortress near Kamyanets-Podilskyi

Nowadays Khotyn fortress belongs to the seven wonders of Ukraine and it is the national preserve.
You will feel the space on the area of the New Fortress of the beginning of the 18th c., you will enjoy the views of the Dniester and the Old Fortress of the 13-16th c., you will remember the moments of the famous films. You will visit the towers and undergrounds, in which there are the museums of tortures and medieval weapon, the exhibition of the pictures about the Khotyn war of the 1621 and military panoply (modern examples), the archeological discoveries and the numismatic hall.

Компания/гид: tour guide Galina
Цена: 35-60 $
Контакты: + 38 097 58 369 35