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City Tour Of Odessa

The tour begins with the Seaside Boulevard. Its main sights are:
  • the Potemkin Stairway (Maritime Stairs, 1837-1842, designed by F.Boffo, built in Classical style, 192 steps, 27 m high and 136,5 m long).
  • the Cannon, the A.Richelieu monument (1828, sculptor I.Martos), the Pushkin Monument (1889, sculptor Zh. Polonska).
  • the Archaeological Museum and the Maritime Museum (1841,architect H.Toricelli, built in the Classical and Renaissance styles).
  • Opera and Ballet Theatre (1884-1887, designed by the Viennese architects H.Helmer and F.Felner who constructed theatres in Vienna, Budapest, Dresden, Zagreb. It was built in the Renaissance style with elements of Baroque and decorated with sculptural groups and masks. The interior was designed in the Late Rococo style. It's five-tiered hall holds 1560 persons. Considered to be one of the finest in the world).

The guests will also pass Odessa University named after Mechnikov, then go to the heart of the city - Deribasovska Street. They will admire the old trees of Pushkinska Street and driving along the old section of the city they will pass: the Pushkin Apartment-Museum, the Museum of Western and Oriental Arts (19th c., architect L.Otton), Old Stock Exchange (1829-1837, F.Boffo), New Stock Exchange (1894-1899, A.Bernardazzi), the Philharmonic Society. After that they will pass the railway station which was built after the war to replace the old one destroyed by the nazis. For the tourists it is also interesting to go along Shevchenko Prospect - a new thoroughfare and pass the Polytechnic Institute - the city's second largest higher educational establishment, the Sport Palace and finally to reach Arcadia - a resort district. Along the picturesque Proletarsky Boulevard they will pass the Academician Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy. The last point of the tour is Shevchenko Recreation Park where the Monument to the Unknown Sailor stands in the Alley of Glory.

Persons interested in art and history will definitely enjoy visiting the numerous local museums.

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