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Criminal Odessa

You like Odessa and its distinguished contribution into the world history. But you are also interested in its remarkable shady past. In this case, "Criminal Odessa” excursion is definitely for you. There is a lot of ports in the world but it is just Odessa which is so renowned for its gangsters, criminal districts and Small Arnautskaya Street where all counterfeit money is produced. Is it because of quaint local people or the reason is to be sought in something else? During the excursion you will visit the Customs, Shevchenko park (the vallum) and the Quarantine harbour, "Chumka” (the Plague mountain), a famous Moldavanka district and will definitely go along Myasoedovskaya Street. Well-known Mishka Yaponchik, a recognized mafia leader of Odessa, was born in Moldavanka district. Everybody who read "the Odessa tales” by Isaac Babel knows him under the name of Beny Krik. Odessa was an arena of legendary thieves and swindlers such as Son’ka the Golden Hand. Thieves High School was here, its graduates worked both in the territory of the Russian Empire and abroad.

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