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Excursion: Odessa Multinational multilanguage

AudioGuide equipment allows both excursion in several languages, is Russian, Ukrainian, English, German.
All texts made in collaboration with famous ethnographers Odessa. Translation made by public cultural center "Bavarian House ODESSA" . Texts are read into a professional audio studio. Following their indigenous language medium of the Russian, Ukrainian, English, German. We guarantee the quality of translation and quality of reading the text.
The first stage we have 1 minibus and 1 route - the central part of Odessa tour - Odessa MULTINATIONAL. Will be the second route - the central part of Odessa - Arcadia, Tour - Odessa SIGHTSEEING. The plans to buy 3 more minibuses and run some routes.
Welcome to Odessa!

Компания/гид: VASH GID Odessa
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