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Journey to the White City

Excursion 80 km from Odessa. It is fascinating excursion to Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy a fortress - Аkkerman - contemporary of Athenes and Damascus, Rome and Beirut, Yerevan and Tripoli. Sources of destiny of ancient city-more of 2500. For this time the city was occupied with different tribes and people, each of them named it on the. Till our times cunningly more than two tens names of city, but all of them, anyhow, were translated on Russian as the White fortress which many centuries cost on rocky rock - towers, bastions, court yard, guns, kernels, stories, histories.Following this visit, you will have an unprecedented opportunity to view the excavation site of the ancient Greek colony of Tira founded in the 6th century BC. Get acquainted with the 1000-year long history of this antique settlement and walk through the evocative ruins including the old Greek temple and a Roman tower.

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