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St. Sophia Cathedral

St.Sophia's Cathedral is one of the biggest preserve-museums in Ukraine, which numbers more than 50 architectural monuments. Its collection contains a lot of original materials: archeological findings, architectural projects of ancient buildings etc. Wonderful frescos and mosaics, which adorn the Cathedral, have been executed with a unique technology and are of a great value.
St. Sophia's Cathedral was built XI century after Yaroslav the Wise had won a victory over Pechenegs' tribes. The cathedral was a residence of Kiev metropolitans and played the key role in Orthodox Russ destiny. This vivid example of the Old Russ monumental art had survived during the Tatar Mongol invasion and all the following wars. The cathedral interior has been preserving from the time of its foundation.
St. Sophia Cathedral is a real cultural treasury, which united pieces of ancient Ukrainian architecture, sculpture, painting, art of jewelry in a powerful chord.

Duration: 2 hours.