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The museum of Folk Architecture and Life "Pirogovo"

Situated right outside of Kyiv, Pirogovo consists of 6 parts, each representing a different region of Ukraine. It's basically a simulation of Ukrainian life from 16th century to this day. Ironically, the actual village of Pirogovo is right outside the 'fake' one, and life there has really been the same for centuries.

When the weather is nice Pirogovo is probably the best place to relax, take a walk and enjoy the peace so close to the city.
Various types of houses, churches and mills either brought from or constructed as originals from different regions of Ukraine. The construction of Pirogovo began only in 1969 but the look and feel of 17th and 18th centuries has been successfully recreated. Inside the houses there are usually souvenirs shops, in the churches you can see icons, old altars and other religious items.
There are several restaurants and cafes in the skansen as well as a shashlik place so you can rest and try all kinds of traditional Ukrainian food. The craftsmen have a little market there so you can look and buy away - handmade table cloths, embroidery, shoes, wooden kitchenware, accessories, sculptures, pictures, hats and more is on sale. You can also take a ride in a horse carriage.

Duration: 5 hours.